About CNME
Society has a vested interest in the stability of marriage. Research consistently shows that children who are raised in intact families are better adjusted emotionally, socially and academically than their peers from broken homes.

Research also shows that couples who participate in relationship education courses before marriage have significantly lower divorce rates than those who do not, particularly in the fragile first five-year period. For couples, regardless of religious backgrounds, to have the best possible marriage, it is essential they are equipped with the skills and strategies to communicate effectively and to manage conflict. 

The Catholic Network of Marriage Educators, or CNME, is a nationwide organisation that represents the interests of the marriage educator volunteers of the six Dioceses of New Zealand. These Dioceses are Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. The aim of CNME is to strengthen and encourage marriage education through the coordination and provision of high quality educational programmes and services. CNME is incorporated as a charitable trust. CNME is recognised and overseen by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

The CNME objective is to strengthen and enhance marriage and family life by promoting the use of marriage education programmes throughout the country. It aims to provide couples with the "tools" to develop a strong and healthy relationship. If couples are experiencing difficulties they are advised to seek help from the appropriate agencies. 
How to join...
Simply send us an expression of interest via the contact page, and somebody will get in touch with you about joining CNME.